Mom and dad, I want to tell you something

Winner of the Second Place in the Undergraduate Category of the 17th English Short Story Writing Competition

Justin fell asleep gradually under the gloomy moonlight. 
Red leaves fell everywhere with blowing wind, the roads were filled with bright gold. Autumn finally approached in Hong Kong 2022, but it was still like hot summer. Students were flowing out from classrooms, along with their close friends, also their boyfriends. It was quite usual currently, as having bunches of friends as well as someone you love. No one tend to stay apart from social groups, life would be dull if there is no social contact. 
No accompany no love, just simply diving into the crowd, seeing people rushing around and having their own destinations. Life is just like that, while Hoi Ting did believe life can be filled with warmness and love, just need time to prove it.
Justin woke up in twilight, he thought it was a dream but then found himself inside a crowded campus. He quickly dressed up and went out, seeing his mother walking towards to the library, it was 2022, Justin could not wait to catch up with his mother.
Both boys and girls got colored hairs with impressive clothing patterns. There was a local band playing jazz music near a café, girls were holding hands around and praise for them. The whole atmosphere in this university was delightful, filled with young blood and passion.
Justin's mother was a hardworking girl with great passion always, but she also wanted a boy staying by his side, a partner who understand her mind and is willing to spend time with her. At least in her mother's second year in university, there was no sense that she could find someone like that.
It is somehow true that when you give and share something with others, you will receive back others' kindness. Well at that time, the truth is that his mother didn't receive such kind of feelings, no matter how kind and warm she was when talking with others, some would take advantage of her, while some may think she's a bit childish. Commonly, a young adult would not show all of his personal feelings, instead they put on their masks and hid those feelings, pretending that they were outstanding and tough.
As she was about to go into the library, Justin followed quickly and called her name: "Hoi Ting, Hold On!".
They stood still in front of the gate. They looked at each other as if they were strangers.
"Oh hi..." She responded kindly but also a bit shy, "Have we met before?". She then took out his student card and scan the gate.
"Not really, but I've seen you several times before." Justin shook his hand, a bit shy as well, "Well I am just too shy to greet you before."
"Oh well...never mind." Hoi Ting ended this conversation, try to head towards. 
It was like a piece of moment back in Justin's childhood, usually his mother would walk quickly ahead.
However, this time Justin quickly walked to her, reaching out his hand. "Nice to meet you, how do you do today." He tried to be even warmer, treating her like a great friend.
"Do you want any help by the way?" his mother was still in big confused.
Justin shook his head and tried to tell her what her future self is going to be like.
"Actually, I'm here to tell you that you're going to have a relationship with a boy who will always stay by your sides and hear your words. You will spend tones of time with him, going places you've been before, also he would always accept the truth in yourself. Life will be filled with romance, and you will not feel lonely anymore." Justin spoke out bravely, not caring her reaction. At that moment, time stayed still with strangers flowing away even more quickly. They looked at each other, not caring what happened around.
Hoi Ting was touched, though, he cannot show his feeling directly to "the stranger" in front of him. "Thank you anyway, though I don't really know who you are and why you just come here talking with me. Have a nice day bro." Kevin was about to go.
"Shall I just say who I am?" Justin extremely wanted to stop her and told the truth, but it was just a bit late.
The old days back in 2022 was not so depressed. With the quick development in online connection. people frequently put on their best moments on social media, refreshing their online stockages and share their memories. Those young generation back to that period are carrying their dreams along with pressure, owning their self-value and life decision. However, they often felt lonely because of a kind of emptiness. They actually lacked true love and understanding.
Justin saw several boys saying goodbye to each other, "Bye, Kevin. Add oil and just keep on with that girl!" One of them spoke so loudly that Justin easily caught the name of his father, though he was a bit unsure. His mother found a sit and took out her laptop, seems like waiting for someone with a kind of joy.
Justin can sense her great pleasure though there was a mask on her face. He thought his father will come later, give her a big warm hug. However, they are not acting like a young couple when they met. Kevin was a bit anxious and try to get into a conversation with Hoi Ting. During the past three months they just chatted online.
To Justin's surprise, it was his mother who start the conversation: "Sorry I didn't mention you to meet here yesterday. By the way, would you mind going somewhere interesting on Christmas day?"
"Oh! Christmas Day, I'm OK..." Justin easily sensed his pleasure as well, but why his father just hid this feeling instead of directly showing to his mom. "Let's go to the Tai Po beach then, maybe I could take photos for you if you like".
At that moment, Hoi Ting was confident and much more outgoing. She nodded her head, holding her earing and fiddling with her brown straight hair.
"Well, I'm easy. Feel free to make your own decision." Hoi Ting tilted her head, bravely looking at Kevin.
They came across the bank, standing in front the crowd. Hoi Ting did not feel lonely anymore. The world continues rotating, with changing destinations and views. The shadow of Justin's parents immerged into the sunset and the flowing passengers. The shadow of this young generation also immerged in their age, like flowing ravine stream heading to every corner of the ocean, always with great passion and flame.
They enjoyed the sunset and every piece of moment on Tai Po beach, ignoring how time flied.
Justin woke up again in twilight, looking outside the window. He tried hard to find every piece of the memory and traced back to that generation. He rushed out to the bathroom and washed his face, then he made a phone call to his mother who was now a free writer.
"Mom, I just dreamt about something back in your age..."
"Hold on son, actually I dreamt about you the day before yesterday. Persuading you to keep your own way and treasure the girl you truly love. However, I just cannot get closer to you and let you know who I am. While I thought you could depend on yourself as you look like a 30-year-old man".
They both could not help laughing and shared the details they have dreamt about.
"What you've dreamt about me were actually those small pieces of story I told you during your childhood. I always thought of myself as kind of interesting back in my 20's, who just shut down the doors and keep staying alone, also not being confident due to my appearance. Well after meeting your dad, things all went different. He loves the whole part of me, no matter what I'm look like".
"Mother, you always thought for others first, but you were good enough. No one would blame at you because of your personality and your appearance, being yourself is the most valuable thing back in your age. Besides, you were actually loved by the people around as you give out your warm heart to the cold world".
"Well son, time and era would not remember the generation, as well as those small characters, unless we wrote out their unique stories".

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